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Monday, November 14, 2005

S.O.S. Day...

Coffee on me this morning - my beat the Dolphins! Put that fool Starks that wanted to swing players around like he was playin' do-si-do instead of tacklin' on IR (with knee, shoulder and HEART) and put in Hobbs that can hit a player in the gut the way God intended! So defense is getting better...

Chipped beef?

Oh, that's ALWAYS on the Monday menu, 'cause Cookie wants somthin' simple.

At home? Nothing easier, really.

Get a jar of that salted beef - I don't like that stuff in the pouches, I want to SEE. Besides, they make good juice glasses if you wash them out. Pop off the top, and shred the salted beef with your hands. Label says to rinse off the salt, but that'd where the flavor is!

Then, put four pats of GOOD butter in a hot skillet, and saute a chopped onion in it. I don't like the frozen bag kind, and they don't make you cry THAT much. After the onion gets clear, put in four tablespoons of flour - Cookie calls it "Roo", but it's just a paste. Add two cups of milk - REAL milk, or why bother? - and wisk around until it's a sauce.

Then, dump in your shredded salt beef, and TA-DA! You've got your own pot of S.O.S.!

I like it on biscuits, but Cookie uses toast. Whole thing takes 20 minutes, and you got two or three days of eating there.

OK, I'll bring you that meatloaf instead. Hope we still SEE you on Mondays, - don't forget, we have lemon meringue that day, and I'm NOT tellin' how to make that. That's MY secret, not Cookie's!


Blogger Willow said...

Wow! It's been so long since I had that salty beef-in-a-jar I'd forgotten about it! This recipe is sooo good!

12:38 PM  

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